Tuscan food is at its best when served most simply. Therefore, many of our favorite restaurants are family-owned country establishments with all their attendant quirks and specialties. In Viareggio and along the coast, seafood is the main specialty. In the countryside and mountains, wood grilled meats and home-cured salamis and hams feature prominently.

Some delicious tradtional dishes are: zuppa di farro (a white bean and grain soup served with a drizzle of olive oil), rosticciana (wonderful wood-grilled pork ribs rubbed with herbs and pepper), and panzanelle (served as an antipasto along with salami and cured meats, this savory fried dough is decadent but delicious!). There is a also a great variety of delicious pasta and risotto dishes to delight you. Much of the inventiveness of Italian food, however, is found in the antipastos, particularly, in our area, those comprised of seafood (antipasto di mare).

We are happy to provide guests with a current list of our "old faithfuls" and new finds, which is updated with each new discovery.